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Tattoo Regret: Why Not Try Laser Removal To Fix That Mistake?

Tattoo Regret: Why Not Try Laser Removal To Fix That Mistake?

(Source: Print by Ricardo Garcia)

Tattoos are permanent… or are they? I had a friend tell me to use a tattoo cream to get rid of my unwanted tattoo, but after researching online reviews I was skeptical. I consulted with Milwaukee-native tattoo artist, Jake Cooper at Everlane Tattoo Parlour who cautioned not to mess with creams, as he firmly believes they are a terrible product. According to his expertise, using a removal cream can cause scarring and even infection. His recommendation is to have a professional remove the ink with laser technology or his personal favorite, a cover up. 

The next logical step was to schedule a complimentary tattoo laser consultation. I learned the pricing, expected timeline and aftercare instructions.

For A heavily shaded 3″ x 3′‘ tattoo would be $125 per session, with a minimum of three sessions to see significant progress. 4′‘ x 7′‘ (two smaller line tattoo and the smaller heavily shaded 3′‘ x 3′‘ tattoo) would cost $250 per session with a minimum of three sessions recommended. Each session has to be scheduled 6-8 weeks apart.

Three sessions is not intended to remove the tattoo completely, the removal process depends on how close the tattoo is to the heart, your exercise habits, water intake and overall blood circulation.

Feels like a rubber band snapping the skin

Each session lasts about 15 minutes because the body can only withstand so much trauma.  Due to this laser removal lowers body immunity

The laser zaps the ink and then the blood stream carries the ink away to the kidneys and liver to rid your body of the toxins.

Unlike a tattoo the removal shouldn’t breathe.You leave with a patch covering the area for three days and shower with the patch on. After the process the area should feel like a sunburn but the pain should subside the very next day., and it’s best to stay out of the sun for a few days.

Do you have to live with your 19 year-old mistakes or can we get them off with this slow laser removal process or possibly even reworked to avoid all the treatments? I firmly believe they should make the legal age of getting a tattoo 30, so that way there would be no regrets.

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